Hops Harvest

Not a super fruitful harvest, but a promising start for sure. I went up and down each vine in early September with a clippers and cut the stem as close to the cone as possible. Then dried them on an old screen in the basement over 2-3 days.

The clipping encouraged new growth on the Galena vine and produced about 15 more cones off the very end. Starting weight was 1.2oz for the Galena, and dried final was .5 oz., pretty good for a first year single vine. Two Nugget vines, which are rumored to be a difficult variety, started with a wet weight of .6oz, and dried at. .2oz. All are currently in my freezer and will be used to dry hop an upcoming IPA.

I let the vines grow until a week before the freak snowstorm and anticipated first frost, cutting them down to just barely above ground level, as recommended. I may add another Galena vine next spring, planting maybe a little earlier. — Jeremy Drey

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