Trip it: Pittsburgh

I wanted to share a few quick suggestions from a trip my wife and I made last month to Pittsburgh. A small brewery to visit, and relatively in the city limits, but NOT walkable from downtown, is Church Brew Works. It has an awesome atmosphere, see pictures below, and solid tap selection. Some beers could be considered underwhelming, but are still far better than the big 3 and some of the other Pittsburgh beers.

Another must stop is on the South Side’s main strip Fat Heads. A huge selection, again see photos, and a few of their own brews. They might have those contract brewed, I did not get to ask. Just half a block down is one location of the steel-city staple Primanti Bros. with an uncanny ability to immediately clog your arteries. Sandwiches have french fries and slaw added to the regular fare and grilled. Even if you are hesitant it is a must try. If you mention that you didn’t stop to a Burgh native, you’ll be shunned. Multiple locations, just ask. — Jeremy Drey

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